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Key messages

  • The General Practice Liaison (GPL) program promotes an integrated, person-centred healthcare system.
  • The GPL program assists with access to services, continuity of care, builds relationships between services and optimises resource use between community and hospital.
  • The GPL program framework presents strategic direction for GPL services.

Victoria’s General Practice Liaison (GPL) program is comprised of health service-based units that improve service access, promote continuity of care and assist in realigning hospital and community services, thereby diminishing the need for acute care.

An integrated person-centred system

The role of the GPL program is to promote an integrated, person-centred health care system providing quality care and better health outcomes.

In particular, the GPL program has a role in:

  • improving access to services
  • promoting continuity of care across health services
  • building strong working relationships that promote sustainable collaboration and partnerships between services
  • improving the quality of healthcare
  • contributing to a reorientation of the health system so that the mix of hospital and community-based services ensures care is provided in the most appropriate setting and minimises the need for acute care
  • optimising resource use and efficiency of care across multiple providers.

Framework for the GPL program

The Framework for the Victorian General Practice Liaison program provides an overall structure and strategic direction for the GPL services operating in Victoria’s public hospital system.

The framework delineates the role of the GPL program and its core functions, outlines the structure, governance and coordination of the program and establishes the strategic directions and associated planning processes for the program.

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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