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Victorian Community Pharmacist Statewide Pilot – Resources for pharmacists

The Department of Health commenced a 12-month statewide pilot in October 2023 to test an expanded role for community pharmacists. For more details on the pilot, visit the Victorian Community Pharmacist Statewide pilot page.

This page contains links to the key information for pharmacists and will be updated as new information is released. Materials related to skin condition services will be made available later in the year.

Travel Health and vaccinations

The first travel health training module was made available on 17 November and the second one will follow.

The form was made available from 22 November to approved pharmacies which have selected Travel health and vaccination as part of their suite of services. These pharmacies have all been sent an email advising them that the service is being added to the Pilot.

Training must be successfully completed before providing any travel health or other vaccination services as part of the pilot.

Resources for consultations

For each consultation, pharmacists must use the following resources:

The following form must be used to support taking informed consent from each patient:

Management Protocols

The management protocols to support the Community Pharmacist Statewide Pilot are now available for Oral Contraceptive Pills, Urinary Tract Infections and Vaccine Administration.

Patient Handout for post-consultation

The document linked below is to be provided to patients after a consultation. It includes information about the pilot, the costs, and what to do after the consultation. It also provides patients with information about how to get more medical care and information for their specific condition.


It is a requirement of the Secretary ApprovalExternal Link that pharmacists successfully complete one of the training modules listed in the table below for each clinical service selected before they are able to commence provision of the service.

Note costs may apply.

Urinary tract infection and oral contraceptive pill resupply training links are available below.

Travel health training will become available from late October/early November.


Training course options

Training provider

Treatment for Urinary tract infections

Managing uncomplicated cystitisExternal Link

5 hours

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Uncomplicated Cystitis Treatment Pharmacist TrainingExternal Link

1.5 hours

Australasian College of Pharmacy

Resupply of Oral Contraceptive Pills

Contraception Essentials ExplainedExternal Link

3.5 hours

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Oral contraceptives: a comprehensive training course for pharmacistsExternal Link

1.5 hours

Australasian College of Pharmacy

Vaccination services

Travel health

7 hours (TBC)

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Travel health courseExternal Link

7.5 hours

Australasian College of Pharmacy

Pricing information

The following is the pricing information for Schedule 4 poisons included in the pilot:

Legislative authorisation

Pharmacists participating in the pilot are authorised to administer, supply and sell Schedule 4 poisons without a prescription or other instruction or authorisation under the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Regulations 2017External Link , subject to some limitations and conditions.

Participating pharmacists must comply with the Secretary Approval: Community Pharmacist Statewide Pilot (Approval), issued under regulation 163A, which approves specific Schedule 4 poisons for administration, supply or sale during the pilot.

View the Victorian Government Gazette notice for the ApprovalExternal Link . You can also download the Secretary approval:

The Approval specifies the conditions in which a pharmacist is authorised to administer, supply or sell the Schedule 4 poison, including:

  • the training that must be completed before that activity occurs (to be advised), and
  • the protocol(s) that must be followed when supplying treatment for suspected urinary tract infections, resupplying the oral contraceptive pill, or administering vaccines under the pilot.

As of 27 October 2023, provided all requirements are met, the administration, supply or sale of the specified Schedule 4 poisons can take place.

To supply treatment for suspected urinary tract infections or resupply the oral contraceptive pill under the pilot, pharmacists must also comply with regulation 57A of the Regulations.

To administer vaccines under the pilot, pharmacists must also comply with regulation 99B of the Regulations.

System requirements

Participating community pharmacies are required to have a MedAdvisor subscription to deliver services within the pilot. More information is available in the pharmacist information pack and the frequently asked questions below.

Service reimbursement

Under the pilot, participating community pharmacies are reimbursed for providing services relating to the three health condition groups. Equity of access will also be ensured for participating patients.

This includes:

  • A payment of $20 for each service provided in recognition of the required data and administrative commitments associated with the pilot.
  • A capping of the cost of dispensed medication charged by the pharmacy for patients participating in the pilot. This will reflect the co-payment level they would be eligible for under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and ensures equity of access.

If the medicine is not listed under the PBS the consumer will pay full price as they would if it were prescribed by a GP.

Amounts mentioned are exclusive of GST. The GST will be applied in the pharmacy payments.

Frequently asked questions

  • Participating community pharmacies are required to have a MedAdvisor subscription to deliver services within the pilot. The subscription tiers required for the various clinical streams are listed in the table below.

    Subscription Tier


    MedAdvisor Essentials

    • Urinary Tract Infection Recording Form
    • Oral Contraception Recording Form

    MedAdvisor Standard or Premium

    • Travel Health + Immunisation Form (including AIR Web Services Integration)

    MedAdvisor Essentials + MedAdvisor Standard or Premium

    • Urinary Tract Infection Recording Form
    • Oral Contraception Recording Form
    • Travel Health + Immunisation Form (including AIR Web Services Integration)

    Fill out the MedAdvisor Subscription Amendment FormExternal Link or email to add or amend a subscription tier.

    The EOI form will require a MedAdvisor ID number if you have one. Visit MedAdvisorExternal Link to access your MedAdvisor ID for the EOI form.

  • The pilot aims to test a new model primary health care, delivered through community pharmacies, to improve timely access to common, low risk medications.

    This might especially benefit women and those living in areas where it is hard to get a general practitioner (GP) appointment. It also aims to ease pressure on GPs so that they can focus on providing more complex care.

  • Having a structured prescribing arrangement in place provides participating community pharmacists with a limited authorisation to dispense, administer, supply and sell certain Schedule 4 ‘prescription only’ medications without a prescription from a medical practitioner or nurse practitioner.

    This must be done according to an established guideline, protocol or standing order. It is lower risk compared to ‘autonomous prescribing’ and requires less comprehensive training.

    This structured prescribing arrangement is consistent with that of the current New South Wales Pharmacy Trial and completed Queensland Urinary Tract Infection Pharmacy Pilot.

  • People who seek treatment from a community pharmacist under the pilot but who do not meet the eligibility criteria will be referred to an appropriate health practitioner, such as their GP.

  • Expressions of interest are currently open for pharmacies who want to participate - submit your EOI here.

    The pilot is taking an opt-in approach whereby community pharmacies and registered pharmacists working within these pharmacies can choose to join the pilot. There is no cap on the number of pharmacies or pharmacists which can join the pilot.

    Pharmacy owners, pharmacy premises and registered pharmacists must meet all eligibility requirements to be able to participate in the pilot.

    Pharmacy owners can add pharmacists to the pilot at any stage if they meet the EOI eligibility criteria and have successfully completed the relevant training.

    For the department to add a pharmacist email the following details to

    • Pharmacy EOI number
    • Pharmacist full name (required)
    • Pharmacist Ahpra registration number (required)
    • Full-time or part-time employment (required)
    • Pharmacist email address (optional)

    Each new pharmacist will be validated prior to being able to deliver services. The validation and administrative process may take up to two weeks for approval. The pharmacy owner will be emailed advising if the pharmacist has been approved to join the pilot.

  • Under the pilot, community pharmacies will receive $20 from the Victorian Government for each eligible patient consultation. This payment is for the administration and data collection required as part of pilot patient consultations.

    Community pharmacists will also be reimbursed for any Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Gaps in the medicines dispensed, and this will vary depending on the medication. This will ensure the cost to pharmacies for these medications will be the same as the cost under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Reviewed 08 December 2023


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