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Victorian Community Pharmacist Statewide Pilot

A 12-month statewide pilot aimed at testing an expanded role for community pharmacists.

A pharmacist wearing a white coat, hands medicine to a customer
A pharmacist wearing a white coat, hands medicine to a customer

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Any community pharmacy that meets the pilot requirements can participate on an opt-in basis. 

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The Department of Health commenced a 12-month statewide pilot in October 2023 to test an expanded role for community pharmacists.

During the pilot, participating and appropriately trained community pharmacists are able to provide certain Schedule 4 medications under a structured prescribing model for:

  • treatment of shingles
  • treatment of flare-up of mild plaque psoriasis
  • resupply of select oral contraceptive pills without a prescription for women
  • antibiotics for uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women.

Following the completion of additional training, pharmacist immunisers participating in the pilot will also be authorised to administer select travel and public health vaccines.

The pilot aims to increase access to affordable primary health care, ensuring Victorians can get the healthcare they need quickly and locally. Like all Department of Health programs, safety and quality care will be prioritised throughout both the design and implementation process.

Information for community members

Consumer Information Pack


Community pharmacists participating in the pilot will ask a set of questions to ensure you get the right care at the right place. This may mean that you are referred to your GP (general practitioner) or other health professionals.


There is no consultation fee for you to access treatment for shingles, mild plaque psoriasis, an uncomplicated urinary tract infection, or if you need further supply of your usual oral contraceptives.

Medication costs will be the same as when you have a prescription from your doctor. You will pay no more than your current PBS co-payment for medicines supplied under the pilot. This ensures that there is no additional financial barrier to accessing treatment.

As medication supplied as part of the pilot is not PBS funded, payment amounts do not contribute towards the PBS SafetyNet. If a medicine is not listed under the PBS, you will pay full price, the same as you would if you had a prescription from your GP.

For travel health consultations, pharmacies may charge you a consultation fee, plus the cost of any vaccines administered. The pharmacist will discuss all fees with you before starting the consultation and providing any vaccines.

Community pharmacy locations

More information for community members on the participating pharmacies and the services they offer can be accessed via the Better Health ChannelExternal Link .

Reviewed 01 March 2024


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