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Key messages

  • Medihotels assist patients to transition between the community and acute sectors by providing accommodation and hotel services.
  • Medihotels provide accommodation, minimal patient supervision and support and facilities for patients, a family member or carer.
  • Medihotels are suitable for self-caring patients including rural patients who require overnight or short-stay accommodation.

Medihotels provide accommodation and hotel services for self-caring patients accessing acute hospital services. As a substitute for multi-day admitted inpatient care, Medihotels ease the transition between the community and acute care and help patients to access hospital services.

Purpose of Medihotels

Medihotels fulfil the following functions. They:

  • provide high-quality, non-ward type accommodation and hotel services that reflect the environment and character of a hotel
  • are located within or in close proximity to a hospital
  • are accessed on referral from clinical, diagnostic and other hospital units following a screening process
  • provide minimal supervision and support for patients
  • ensure access to prearranged episodic care similar to that generally available within the community
  • provide facilities for a family member or carer as required.

Medihotel patients

Patients accommodated in a Medihotel include people who are mobile, self-caring, have daily living skills and are able to manage their own medications. They need minimal or no supervision and do not require overnight inpatient care.

This includes patients who:

  • must travel long distances to access acute services, particularly those residing in rural areas
  • require access to acute hospital services for investigations, treatment or clinical review over a series of days
  • require overnight accommodation in anticipation of a next-day acute care admission, day procedure or next-day review following a surgical intervention.


The Framework for Medihotels in Victorian public health services has been developed to assist health services in planning, organising and delivering Medihotel services, and to support continued service improvements.

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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