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The Victorian Cost Data Collection (VCDC) is a dataset reflecting the cost and mix of resources used to deliver patient care.

Victorian public hospitals are required to report costs for all operational funded activity, and are expected to maintain patient costing systems that monitor service provision to patients and allow for the accurate determination of patient level costs.

VCDC Documentation for reporting of cost data 2017-18

VCDC: Data request specification and business rules
VCDC: Deriving cost buckets
VCDC: Data request specifications 2017-18
VCDC: COA mapping and bucket matrix 2017-18
VCDC: Reconciliation report 2017-18
VCDC: Schema 2017-18

Reporting of 2015-16 cost data

The VCDC Documentation for reporting the 2015-16 cost data provides guidance and outlines the format and content required from health services and vendors to comply with when reporting 2015-16 cost data to the department.

VCDC Documentation for reporting the 2015-16 cost data

Older VCDC reports

For VCDC reports prior to 2015-16, visit the older VCDC archiveExternal Link .

Reviewed 01 July 2018


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