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Careers in mental health community support services

Key messages

  • Mental Health Community Support Services, also referred to as non-clinical services, play a key role in the mental health system and employ dedicated staff to provide support to consumers and carers.

Mental health community support services MHCSS) have a central role to play in supporting people with mental illness, encouraging their independence and resilience and creating capacity for self-management.

MHCSS are commonly referred to as non-clinical services. Strong and effective working relationships between clinical and MHCSS ensure quality treatment and care.

The Department of Health & Human Services funds MHCSS to provide services to the adult population (aged 16–64 years). Local MHCSS have defined catchment areas, typically in line with the local area mental health services.

MHCSS service system workforce

The MHCSS workforce is predominantly made up of direct-care staff, accommodation and residential support, outreach, and community development staff.

Consumers and carers are also employed across the specialist mental health system in a wide variety of roles.

These roles focus on providing support to consumers, their carers and families, as well as system improvement, consultancy and advocacy work, education, training and research.

MHCSS workers come from a variety of backgrounds and hold many different qualifications.

Reviewed 29 May 2015


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