Department of Health

Priorities and transformation

Victoria is determined to build a mental health and wellbeing system that provides world-leading treatment, care and support for all Victorians.

The recommendations of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System provide a blueprint to transform the mental health system.

Read more about Victoria’s Mental health reform agenda.

The government released Victoria's 10-year mental health planin November 2015. It sets an ambitious, long-term vision for the next decade, including better health and wellbeing, reducing the prevalence of mental illness, reducing suicide rates and providing better access to and choice about services for people with a mental illness.

The plan will ensure investment in mental health is coordinated and strategic, maximising the benefits for Victorians.

It is closely aligned with Victoria's Mental Health Act 2014, which supports the provision of holistic, recovery-oriented mental health treatment - enabling people with a mental illness to play a central role in decisions regarding their treatment and care.

The government is also working closely with the Commonwealth in the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which emphasises individual choice and control for people with psychosocial disability support needs.

Reviewed 12 April 2023


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