Department of Health

The environments in which we live influence how well we age. The World Health Organization has set out in its World Report on Ageing and HealthExternal Link how all sectors – government, business and community – can work together to create an age-friendly world, in which enabling environments increase the capacity of all older people to:

  • meet their basic needs
  • learn, grow and make decisions
  • be mobile
  • build and maintain relationships
  • contribute.

In April 2016, the Victorian Government signed an Age-friendly Declaration with the Municipal Association of Victoria. The Declaration means the Government and Municipal Association of Victoria are committed to planning for and establishing age-friendly communities.

The signing of the Declaration also signals the launch of a new Age-Friendly Victoria initiative that aims to promote the inclusion of older people and support services, business and community leaders to better plan for the needs of seniors and enhance the quality of life for people as they age. This will include a grant program, led by councils and involving community organisations and a suite of other initiatives.

    Reviewed 15 September 2022


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