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The guidance information to assist industry to develop risk management plans for cooling tower systems has 11 sections.


Introduction - Section 1

Information to assist industry to develop risk management plans to control Legionella growth in cooling towers.

Legionnaires’ disease - Section 2

Information about Legionnaires’ disease.

About the guide - Section 3

Information to help landowners, and owners and managers of cooling towers to comply with their responsibilities under Victorian law.

Legal responsibilities - Section 4

Information for landowners who have a cooling tower system on their property and every business that owns or operates a cooling tower system to understand their responsibilities under Victorian law and consider the risks relating to their cooling tower system and business.

Risk management - Section 5

Information about risk management and good management practice that should be used when developing cooling tower risk management plans.

Legionella risks - Section 6

Characteristics about Legionella and cooling towers that need to be considered when developing a risk management plan for cooling tower.

Critical risk evaluation - Section 7

Information on how to evaluate identified critical risks. The result of a risk evaluation is a recommendation on how to classify the cooling tower system.

Risk treatment - Section 8

Information on treating the critical risks in cooling towers.

Monitoring and review - Section 9

Information on reviewing and updating cooling tower risk management plans.

Adverse events communication - Section 10

Information for owners and managers on what to do and who to notify in the case of an adverse event.

Auditing - Section 11

Information about cooling tower system risk management plan auditing and preparing for an audit.

Reviewed 28 October 2021


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