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Key messages

  • Hospitals using 5 million litres or more of water per annum are encouraged to use complete a WaterMAP.
  • Local water corporations can assist.
  • A hospital-specific water management plan template is available.

All Victorian hospitals using 5 million litres or more of drinking water per annum are encouraged to complete a water management action plan (WaterMAP) in conjunction with your local water corporation.

A WaterMAP can assist hospitals in planning long-term water and cost-efficiencies by:

  • assessing the water usage
  • identifying inefficiencies and opportunities for water savings
  • preparing an action plan to implement water efficiency activities
  • annually reporting on the implementation of water efficiency activities.

Help from local water corporations

Your local water corporation can assist you in preparing a WaterMAP. Your local water corporation may also be able to provide expert advice on water efficiency improvements and, in some instances, financial grants.

Water retailers

Prior to developing the WaterMAP, a hospital-specific water management plan was developed by water retailers and the department. A copy of this is available for those who wish to include this as part of their WaterMAP.

Reviewed 10 November 2023


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