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Victorian Therapeutics Advisory Group Chemotherapy Audit Toolkit

Key messages

  • The Chemotherapy Audit Toolkit is designed for health services to implement best practice management of chemotherapy prescribing variations and to provide auditing methods that are targeted and validated.
  • The toolkit consists of two elements: a best practice framework for the evidence to patient process and a suite of tools for auditing variations in chemotherapy prescribing.
  • The tools have been piloted in Victorian hospitals.

The Victorian Therapeutics Advisory Group (VicTAG) commissioned the creation of a Chemotherapy Audit Toolkit for use by health services in Victoria, supported by the Victorian Government.

To implement a tool:

  • start with the Process and Scope guide, and use the process within to determine scope and exclusions (in conjunction with the Exclusion Guide
  • use the instructions and tool that relate to your electronic prescribing system (or paper-based if that is relevant).

The toolkit consists of three elements:

  • a quality framework and explanatory notes
  • documents covering the process for implementing a tool
  • a suite of tools covering various Electronic Prescribing Systems and paper-based prescribing.

These documents are publicly available for no charge on the VicTAG website.

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Reviewed 31 July 2019


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