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Cancer is the leading cause of mortality in Victoria and generates a high level of community concern. The care of cancer patients represents a significant proportion of all healthcare delivered in Victoria.

Government invests in a range of reforms and actions to reduce cancer incidence and mortality, improve access to quality detection, screening and treatment services and to enhance the quality of life of those affected by cancer. This approach to cancer control encompasses specific programs across:

  • the prevention, detection (including through organised screening programs), diagnosis and treatment of cancer and its precursors,
  • the ongoing management of cancer, rehabilitation, and the provision of end-of-life care,
  • cancer research and its application,
  • cancer-related policy, the organisation of services, planning and service development, and
  • innovation, quality improvement and evaluation.

The need for improved delivery of cancer services along with improved outcomes for patients and their families has been identified as a priority for both the state and federal governments.

Reviewed 18 May 2023


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