Department of Health

A framework for access to medical oncology and haematology cancer clinics and chemotherapy services in Victoria.

Chemotherapy is a common and important treatment for patients diagnosed with cancer and can be used across all stages of the disease.

These guidelines, informed by the best available evidence and expert opinion, provide a framework to guide the timely initiation of systemic chemotherapy for treating cancer. These chemotherapy-specific guidelines should be considered alongside existing Optimal Care Pathways (OCPs).

The guidelines are intended for use by Victorian health services and are designed to support

  • timely commencement of chemotherapy that maximises individual patient outcomes
  • consistency of access to haematology and medical oncology clinics and chemotherapy day services
  • monitoring of performance
  • efficiency improvements (by providing advanced warning/greater lead time for service capacity planning) to manage caseloads within existing and future services (supporting service planning)
  • improved patient equity and experience of care.

Reviewed 09 November 2015


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