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  • FoodSmart is a department-approved online food safety program template for class 2 businesses to develop a food safety program.
  • FoodSmart will tailor a food safety program, based on your business’s activities, after you answer a series of questions.
  • Using FoodSmart can help you comply with food safety requirements.
  • FoodSmart is not suitable for all food premises; if you are unsure, contact your local council.

FoodSmart is a department-approved template that allows different types of food retail and food service businesses to develop their own food safety program.

Foodsmart is suitable for a range of class 2 premises, including cafes and restaurants. A business with multiple-associated class 2 food premises can also use it for all their class 2 activities. For example:

  • a restaurant that also provides off-site catering
  • a business that prepares food at a permanent site and sells it from a stall at markets.

FoodSmart will create a food safety program tailored to your business after you answer a series of questions about your food activities. Your food safety program can then be saved to your hard drive or a memory storage device, printed and used in your business to help maintain safe food practices and meet your legal obligations.

If you are unsure whether FoodSmart is the right template for your business, you should contact a local council environmental health officer for help.

Your business may also be required to comply with other regulations concerning your businesses activities. Check with your local council to find out all of your business requirements.

Reviewed 06 January 2023


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