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Food fundraisers class 2 - sandwiches, curries, scones with jam and cream, and other high risk foods

Key messages

  • A Class 2 community group sells or handles high risk foods, most people handling the food are volunteers and the group operates for up to two consecutive days.   
  • All class 2 premises must have a food safety program.
  • Class 2 premises operating from a temporary or mobile site should register their group through Streatrader.
  • Do Food Safely is an online learning program on basic food handling.

Community groups that prepare and sell ready-to-eat foods – such as sandwiches containing cheese, smallgoods, sliced vegetables or salad – or any high risk foods are classified as class 2 premises.

All class 2 premises must have a food safety program, even if it is a community group that sells food at temporary or mobile food premises.

Community group temporary and mobile food premises template – class 2 is available for class 2 community groups to use for their temporary and mobile food premises.

Class 2 temporary and mobile food premises should use Streatrader to register their food fundraiser.

Do Food Safely is an online tool for people needing training on basic food handling.

Volunteers – registration

If a volunteer makes food at home and donates it for sale at a community fundraiser, that person is not selling the food.


Reviewed 03 December 2021


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