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Food trucks, vans and market stalls

Temporary and mobile food premises can include:

  • market or festival stalls, fetes, charity fundraisers, or a kitchen not owned or leased by you such as a sporting club canteen or a school tuckshop
  • vehicles, such as food vans, caravans, trucks or trailers
  • food vending machines
  • private drinking water carters and water transport vehicles.

Temporary and mobile food premises must apply online to their local council using the department’s new online registration portal for food businesses, community and not-for-profit groups, Streatrader. The Streatrader website provides detailed information that can assist you with your registration, and resources to help you keep the food you sell safe.

Streatrader – who is it for?

Streatrader is for people selling food in Victoria. You can use Streatrader to register your business or community group’s mobile or temporary food premises. Examples of those who can register via Streatrader include:

  • businesses selling food from a temporary site, such as a market or a festival stall
  • businesses selling, giving away or sampling food at an exhibition or a trade show from a stall
  • farmers selling produce at markets from a stall
  • home-based business selling baked goods at markets
  • mobile food vans or trucks
  • coffee vans
  • food vending machine business
  • water carters
  • community groups hosting a sausage sizzle or cake stall
  • community groups selling food at a market or a festival
  • community groups cooking and selling food from a food truck or a trailer
  • schools holding a fete or a festival.


Reviewed 06 October 2022


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