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  • A use licence is required to operate (use) radiation sources/units within Victoria.
  • This page details the information and the form required for a mammographer to apply for or vary an existing use licence in relation to the use of a mammographic X-ray unit.
  • Supporting documents are required when submitting an application for a use licence.
  • You are not authorised to use a radiation source until you receive your licence certificate.


A use licence allows an individual to use specific types of a radiation sources for a specific purpose. Failure to hold the required use licence is an offence under the Radiation Act 2005.

This page details the information and the form required for a mammographer to apply for or vary an existing use licence in relation to the use of a mammographic X-ray unit.

Applicants seeking a licence to use radiation sources must meet certain prerequisites prior to being issued with a use licence.

Do you need a use licence?

Before you apply for a radiation use licence read the full exemptions to check if you are exempt from the requirement to hold a use licence.

If you are unsure whether you require a licence, we recommend that, prior to lodging an application, you email the department with a description of your proposed activity to clarify your licensing requirements.

Prerequisites: what information do I include with my application?

The following information must be included with your application (electronic files can be attached with your application).

Occupation Apparatus Prerequisites


Mammographic X-ray unit.

  • Must have successfully completed a recognised course in mammography
    (Recognised Course MED6)

Recognised Training Course

Course Number Course Title Course Provider/Contact Details
MED6-1 Graduate Diploma of Mammography

Charles Sturt University
Note: This course is no longer offered

Mutual recognition

A person who is registered in an equivalent occupation in another state or territory or New Zealand may be entitled to apply to the department under the Commonwealth Mutual Recognition Act 1992 for a licence to use radiation sources in Victoria related to their occupations.

See the mutual recognition arrangements page for more information.

Conditions of licence and other relevant documents

Compliance with the Code of Practice for Radiation Protection in the Medical Applications of Ionizing RadiationExternal Link is a condition of use licences issued to mammographers and applicants must be familiar with these requirements:

Licence durations, licence fees, assessment process and timeframes

See the general information on use licences section for more information.

Apply for a use licence or apply to vary an existing licence

Before you apply for a use licence it is important that you read the FAQ’s about the new licensing portal to assist you with lodging an application.

Once you familiarise yourself with the prerequisites for licensing you can apply using the licensing portal.

Select your occupation and then choose the radiation sources that you would like to be authorised to use. You will then be asked to upload the required prerequisites and pay the prescribed fee with either credit card (preferred) or BPay. There is no fee applicable to vary your use licence.

Apply for use licence or apply to vary a licence.

Reviewed 11 October 2023


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