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Implementation of new licensing portal

Key messages

  • In October 2019 the department launched a new licensing portal to manage licensing and registration functions.
  • Implementation of the licensing portal has commenced with use licences, approved testers and approved assessors.
  • Existing use licence holders, approved testers and approved assessors need to register on the licensing portal using the email you provided to the department.

Implementation of the licencing system

We have implemented our new licensing system starting with use licences, approved testers, and approved assessors. 

The department’s new licensing system is designed to manage licensing and registration functions. It allows registered users to apply for a licence, to apply to renew, or to apply to vary an existing licence. Users can also download a copy of their licence and make changes to their contact details at any time. 

Existing use licence holders, approved testers and approved assessors need to register on the licensing portal using the email address you provided to the department. 
The email address that we have recorded for you is a key part of the initial registration process on the system. Please note that this email address needs to be unique to one person and not a shared account.

If you hold a current use licence and you have registered with the email address that we have recorded on our register, then you will see your licence. Sometimes this matching process can take up to 15 minutes so do not worry if it isn’t there immediately. If you can’t see your licence after 15 minutes, please contact us by email  listing your name, licence number, and confirming your preferred email address. The major reason for not seeing you licence is that the email that has been used to register is different to the one we have recorded. Do not apply for another licence as this application will result in you paying an unnecessary and non-refundable application fee of $66.60.

We have ceased posting almost all correspondence. Most of our communications will now only be sent to you via email. 

For technical issues

Early on we experienced several technical issues, particularly with some email systems blocking the emails sent by the licensing system and some compatibility issues with different web browsers. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused but we have now implemented several fixes. These fixes mean that most of the problems have disappeared for most users.
As with all new information systems there may still be problems for some users. If you experience any problems, please read the FAQ’s or see the Licencing portal help guidesThese guides cover the following topics:
  • How to apply for a renewal of a radiation use licence
  • How to apply for a variation to your radiation use licence
  • Downloading a copy of your licence certificate
  • Renewal application – Payment pending
  • How to change your email address
  • How to change your password
  • How to update your contact details
If your issue is not addressed email describing what happened, please include a screenshot of the problem you are experiencing to help us understand the issue.

For assistance with registering, please email

Apply for a new use licence, approved testers or approved assessors

Step 1: For use licence applications, confirm whether you need a use licence or are exempt from the requirement to hold a use licence. If you are unsure whether you already hold a current Victorian use licence, check our public register before applying.  

Step 2: If you are required to hold a use licence, read the prerequisite requirements for licensing for your sector.

Step 3: Apply for your licence using the licensing portal. The licensing portal will ask you to select your occupation and then choose the radiation sources that you would like to be authorised to use. You will then be asked to upload the required prerequisites and pay the prescribed fee with either credit card (preferred) or by BPay.

If you need assistance to register please email

Renew a use licence, tester’s approval, or assessor’s approval

You must first register with the new portal system using the email we have recorded for you, as this is the key part of the registration process.  When you have registered on the portal, our system will notify you by email 60 days before your licence expires. The email will invite you to renew your licence. The system will allow you to choose your licence period and whether you want to pay by credit card or BPay. 
Your application to renew your licence is then sent to the department. You will be advised by email when your application has been decided. Assuming your application has been approved then you can download a copy of your licence. Our public register  is updated to reflect your new licence expiry date.
We strongly recommend putting a reminder in your calendar a month or so before your expiry date just in case there is a problem with the email reaching you. It is important to note that individuals are responsible for making sure they have a current licence.

Get help on how to apply for a renewal of your radiation use licence

Register to renew your licence.

Renew expired use licence

Apply to renew your use licence within 60 days of the expiry date. After that time, the licence de-activates and you will need to re-apply for a use licence. 

Apply for Automatic Mutual Recognition for - use licence

Automatic mutual recognition (AMR) allows a person who is licenced or registered for an occupation in one jurisdiction to be considered registered to perform the same activities in another jurisdiction, without the need to go through further application processes or pay additional registration fees.

AMR for radiation use licences will be available from 1 July 2021 in certain states and territories. AMR will be available in Victoria on 1 July 2021. Other states will join in coming months.

To apply for AMR, you need to contact the Victorian Department of Health Radiation Team to check if you are eligible. Any worker eligible to work in Victoria under the new AMR arrangements must then notify the Radiation Team by completing the online form prior to working in Victoria.

Please note that AHPRA registration is not sufficient to use for the new AMR arrangements.

To find out more about the scheme, how it will work and who is eligible for AMR, read the information on the AMR page.

Apply for mutual recognition for use licence

One of the major changes with the roll out of our new licensing system was to fully implement the mutual recognition system for use licences. Mutual recognition arrangements only apply to people who hold a radiation user/operator licence in another Australian state or territory or in New Zealand. If they are eligible, then they can work in Victoria and use radiation sources whilst the application is being assessed, if the scope of that use is consistent with the interstate or New Zealand licence.

If you hold a current radiation user/operator licence in another Australian state or territory or in New Zealand you must apply using the portal. You will be asked to attach a very specific type of statutory declaration which must be downloaded from our mutual recognition  page on our website. You will also be asked to attach a copy of your current radiation user/operator licence that you are relying on for mutual recognition purposes. 

The mutual recognition system does not apply to people who hold registration with AHPRA or registration with an interstate or New Zealand Veterinary Practitioner’s registration board but do not hold a radiation user/operator licence in another Australian state or territory or in New Zealand.

We recommend that you contact us if you have questions about this system before lodging an application. 

Apply for mutual recognition using the portal.  

Management licences

We are still working on this part of the system. We have been aiming to implement the system for management licences during the second half of the year however COVID-19 is likely to impact on this aspiration. Until then continue to apply for a management licence by following the links to our existing smart forms or word documents on our website. 

Once the system is operational, management licence holders and their authorised persons will be able to :

  • Download a copy of your licence
  • Apply to renew your licence
  • Apply to vary your licence
  • Apply for authorisation to dispose of radioactive material
  • Make mandatory notifications e.g. acquisition or disposal of a radiation source; research projects; incident reports etc
  • Apply to transfer a licence
  • Update your contact details.

Over the past few years we have requested corporate management licence holders to nominate individuals as their authorised person. The authorised person can then act on behalf of the body corporate in their dealings with the department. A feature of the new system will be the ability of that authorised person to add another authorised person. This is important in a corporate context to cater for situations where staff change roles or leave the organisation.

Facility management licences

We're still working on this licence type so until we launch it in the new licensing self-service portal, you will need to apply using the form on our website. 

Reviewed 05 August 2021


Contact details

Our phone service is available Monday to Friday, from 9.00am to 1.00pm or we can be contacted via email. 

Radiation Safety Department of Health GPO Box 4057, Melbourne, VIC 3000

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