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The Department of Health & Human Services has a suite of formal processes and tools to support Victorian health services and senior clinicians through the credentialling, scope of clinical practice, and appointment processes.

Partnering for performance: a performance development and support process provides structured guidance to senior doctors and their medical leads (medical directors or unit heads) for regularly reviewing clinical performance, and continuously improving services through strong, collaborative partnerships.

Partnering for performance was developed in close consultation with senior doctors and clinical managers by DLA Piper in association with the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators, SACS Consulting, and the department’s Clinical Engagement Advisory Group.

Performance development domains

Partnering for performance provides a range of strategies and tools to support clinical practice and help doctors align their professional development goals with those of their organisations in four performance development domains:

  • work achievement (including clinical practice)
  • professional behaviours
  • career progression
  • learning and development.

Tools for clinical engagement

The partnering framework includes a guide that provides tips, checklists and pro forma documentation to assist health services and doctors to:

  • regularly review individual doctors’ clinical and professional performance
  • identify risks of underperformance and areas for potential improvement
  • promote regular performance development discussions and meetings
  • establish specific goals and targets for service improvement.

Partnering for performance also incorporates a clinical practice toolkit, which provides practical guidance on tools that enable doctors, their peers and organisations to understand and monitor clinical practice.

Reviewed 29 October 2021


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