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Implementing Safewards can promote safer, less coercive practices in mental health care, and reduce incidents of conflict involving consumers or staff.

A series of training resources have been developed as an outcome of the Safewards Victoria trial to support health services to implement Safewards.

The resources include a Safewards Handbook, containing detailed information on the Safewards model and each of the interventions, along with advice about implementing Safewards in mental health services; and a series of training PowerPoints.

PowerPoints for three training options have been developed (one day, two days and three days) however trainers can adapt the materials (with appropriate acknowledgements) to suit local requirements. A series of refresher modules have been developed to support services to continue to embed Safewards after the initial implementation.

The Safewards UKExternal Link website is highly informative and features a range of useful resources.

Reviewed 05 July 2016


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