Department of Health

Key messages

  • Waste management resources are available for health services.
  • The waste minimisation and solid waste management guides assist with signage, waste reporting and disposal and relevant legislation.

There is a range of healthcare waste management resources and case studies available.

Waste minimisation in healthcare user guide

The Waste minimisation in healthcare user guide contains information on:

  • signage for waste and recycling
  • performance specifications for waste tenders
  • waste reporting
  • healthcare waste case studies (RESOURCE SMART website).

Solid waste management guide

The Solid waste management guide for hospitals and healthcare is broken into core waste and recycling streams and includes:

  • definitions and examples of waste and recycling streams
  • alternatives available for waste disposal
  • on-site management and off-site disposal methods
  • summary of legislation, policies, standards, codes and compliances relating to healthcare waste management.

Additional resources

Additional resources include:

  • Quick reference guide to solid waste management in hospitals and healthcare
  • Capital Projects and Service Planning Waste management guideline.

Reviewed 11 December 2022


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