Department of Health

These guidelines aim to help Victorian public hospitals, health services and other health portfolio entities meet legislative and policy requirements for environmental reporting.

This document covers FRD 24’s mandatory reporting requirements and provides important details on the Department of Health’s system-wide environmental data management system (EDMS). The EDMS is also known as Eden Suite. The EDMS provides a standardised, web-based platform to manage the public health system’s environmental and utility data. The EDMS can be used to produce environmental reports that meet FRD 24 requirements easily.

These guidelines have been updated for the new environmental reporting requirements stemming from FRD 24, which was released in 2022. The guidelines will be progressively reviewed and updated to ensure consistency with the latest FRD 24 reporting requirements.

The guidelines are not a substitute for the FRD 24 reporting requirements themselves and must not be relied upon for meeting FRD 24 requirements.


Date published
02 Jul 2023

Reviewed 03 July 2023

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