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All eligible people have the choice to be treated as either a public, private or compensable patient. The patient, or their legally authorised representative, may elect their status before, at the time of, or as soon as practicable after being admitted.

Public patient

A public patient is:

  • a person who is eligible for Medicare and who receives or elects to receive a public hospital service free of charge
  • a person in a public psychiatric hospital who does not have the choice to be treated as a private patient
  • a visitor from overseas who is covered by a reciprocal healthcare agreement, and who elects to be treated as a public patient. Visitors from countries with which Australia has a reciprocal healthcare agreement are entitled to immediate, medically necessary treatment on terms no less favourable than would apply to a resident of Australia.

Private patient

A private patient is:

  • treated by their nominated doctor(s) provided that the doctor(s) has the right to practise at the hospital or health service
  • responsible for paying hospital accommodation fees, charges for all medical and diagnostic services, prosthesis, dental fees and other related services.

Compensable patient

A compensable patient is entitled to claim damages under any of the following:

  • motor vehicle third-party insurance (in Victoria, the Transport Accident Commission)
  • worker's compensation (in Victoria, WorkSafe Victoria)
  • public liability or common law.
  • eligible Department of Veterans' Affairs

Ineligible patient

Ineligible patients are not covered by or eligible for Medicare. Ineligible patients may not elect to be treated as a public patient.

Patient election - advice for patients

How you are categorised when you are admitted to a Victorian hospital or health service - as a public, private, compensable or ineligible patient - determines what fees and charges apply. The department strongly recommends that prior to admission you discuss your patient election with your specialist.

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Reviewed 23 February 2016


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