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Our workforce, our future

Our workforce, our future, a new capability framework for Victoria’s mental health and wellbeing workforce, is now available.

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The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System's recommended the Victorian Government develop a mental health and wellbeing workforce capability framework that defines the knowledge, skills and attributes required to meet the needs of consumers, family, carers and supporters.

Our workforce, our future sets out the skills, knowledge and ways of working that the workforce will need in the new integrated and responsive mental health and wellbeing system.

The framework supports current and future workforce initiatives underpinning system reforms, including the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act 2022, that will build the new Victorian mental health and wellbeing system envisioned by the Royal Commission.

Our workforce, our future will be used to inform workforce development planning, enhance professional learning delivery and support the design of multidisciplinary teams across the mental health and wellbeing sector.

It does not seek to replace existing profession or discipline-specific standards, guidelines or training protocols.

The framework can be used in a variety of ways and implementation will be supported by a range of tools and resources which will be available over the coming months, aimed at both the individual and organisational level, with ongoing monitoring and evaluation processes.

For more information, visit Our workforce, our future.

Reviewed 05 December 2023


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