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Victorian cancer plan monitoring and evaluation framework

A long-term focus

It can take years, and sometimes decades, to see real improvements in many cancer outcomes at the population level. Reflecting this timeframe, the Victorian cancer plan monitoring and evaluation framework was published in 2018 to help monitor progress towards supporting short-, medium- and long-term targets (goals) in the first and second Victorian cancer plans, and monitoring the impacts of efforts to improve cancer outcomes. The Victorian cancer plan monitoring and evaluation framework: 2023 progress report is the second report of its kind to present the most up-to-date information on trends in the state’s progress against key goals outlined in the first two cancer plans. For the second report (progress report), results were not available for every measure. Results will be reported in the future as data becomes available.

The 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an Australia-wide lockdown being imposed in March 2020. While most jurisdictions emerged from lockdown in June 2020, Victoria entered a second lockdown from July to October 2020. During the restrictions there were changes in care delivery including the suspension of some screening services and outpatient clinics, and surveillance of existing cancers may have been postponed. This progress report seeks to capture impacts of the pandemic on cancer outcomes.

For a snapshot of key results please refer to the infographics. The overview of the progress report sets out some responses to questions that are specific to the baseline progress report including what it contains and how the data were selected. For those wanting more detail please refer to the full baseline progress report. In circumstances where the dataset specific to a measure was too large, it was moved to Appendix 2 as a separate volume to assist with readability.


Reviewed 30 November 2023


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