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Key messages

  • The bed vacancy register provides live updates on vacancies in all of the beds across alcohol and other drug residential treatment services in Victoria.
  • Residential treatment services update information about the number of current and potential vacancies in their service.
  • Intake and assessment services, Care and Recovery Coordination providers and the Community Offenders Advice and Treatment Service can access information about available beds by registering with DirectLine and logging in through the Bed Vacancy Register portal.

About the bed vacancy register

The bed vacancy register is an online portal that provides referring agencies with up-to-date information about current and projected vacancies in any of the specialist residential treatment services across Victoria.

Each residential treatment service provides the following information for the register:

  • background information - outline of service provider profile and the client group
  • vacancies - updated information about the number of current and potential vacancies. Specific additional information may be provided about who the vacancy is suitable for (for example, men or women, parents with children, or clients from the criminal justice system).

Accessing the bed vacancy register

Access to the bed vacancy register is limited to residential treatment services, catchment-based intake and assessment providers, the care and recovery coordination function and Community Offenders Advice and Treatment Service (COATS).

Other health and human service providers who wish to refer clients to residential treatment can contact their local catchment-based intake and assessment service or contact DirectLine.

Reviewed 09 September 2015


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