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  • Data and information is a critical enabler for effective workforce planning.
  • Knowledge Bank provides a central repository of information about the health and human services workforce.
  • Effective workforce planning uses a structured approach to explore current and future workforce needs and analyse the improvements required to meet them.
  • The department is working to improve workforce analysis and strategic planning tools and capabilities.

Workforce data

Reliable data and information about the workforce is critical for effective workforce planning. To support access to relevant data the department has developed Knowledge Bank, a central repository of workforce data and a resource library about the health and human services workforce.

Knowledge Bank provides interactive access to workforce data and a repository of workforce development resources to assist stakeholders to better plan, understand and lead the development of strategic initiatives that support health and human services workforce development at all stages of careers.

Victoria’s Health Workforce Knowledge Bank can be accessed here: Link

Further information about the Knowledge Bank Resource Library, including how resources may be uploaded, can be found in the downloads section below.

Workforce planning

High quality, contemporary approaches to workforce planning are critical to supporting the changing demands on health and human services, including as demographics and service models evolve. Planning helps prepare for challenges and identify opportunities to improve the way we use our skilled and diverse workforce.

Many different approaches and methods exist under the umbrella term ‘workforce planning’. The scope and assumptions in a workforce planning method can significantly influence the potential outcomes of the process. Effective workforce analysis and planning exercises guide leaders and decision-makers through an evidence-based, transparent and rigorous process that focuses on understanding workforce adequacy, risks and opportunities for improvement. This enables them to make commitments and investments in workforce strategies that drive change and workforce improvements.

To seek advice or assistance in undertaking workforce planning contact the department at

The department is also working to improve baseline information, analytics and forecasting, including through development of improved data linkages and workforce models that take a more sophisticated approach to incorporating demand factors in complex settings or sectors.

Reviewed 17 April 2019


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