Department of Health

The Department of Health & Human Services seeks to improve the health and wellbeing of all Victorians by ensuring an available, accessible and adaptable health workforce.

We do this by working with our partners to invest in the development of the health workforce from student to specialist in their field. We test and implement initiatives that allow for health professionals’ skills to be used to their full potential and we support a team-based approach to healthcare.

The department is currently focusing on a long-term strategic approach to the health workforce, through the lens of the health experience as a co-production of health workers and patients. We are looking to produce a long-term Workforce Strategy becausewe need a health workforce that is available in sufficient numbers, equitably distributed, efficient and responsive to changes in, people’s health problems and expectations.

Workforce strategy initiatives include:

  • building the alcohol and drug treatment workforce and the mental health workforce
  • a strategic plan for clinical placements for health and medical students
  • a health workforce implementation plan
  • a strategy to enhance education and training.
  • development of a Genomics workforce framework
  • scoping re-engagement pathways for post retirement for a range of employer and setting types
  • exploring the benefits and alternatives in the provision of a tiered approach to widespread dementia training for Victorian health workers.

Workforce planning for health workforce initiatives currently underway include:

  • an interactive online repository for data about the health workforce in Victoria
  • workforce planning methods, tools and resources that help health services to innovate their workforce models to better meet the challenges of the future
  • developing a culturally competent workforce that values and promotes strong relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

Reviewed 08 September 2015


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