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The Victorian Healthy Eating Enterprise (VHEE) aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Victorians through food. The VHEE provides a coordinated platform for its partners to collaboratively encourage a vibrant healthy eating culture across Victoria. The Victorian Government is working with local governments, businesses, community health services, academies, health professionals and peak health bodies to progress action on the VHEE priorities.

The Victorian Healthy Eating Enterprise (VHEE)

VHEE priorities

  • Increase consumption of fruit and vegetables
  • Decrease consumption of sugar sweetened beverages
  • Improve access to nutritious food

VHEE objectives

  • Provide a collaborative forum for VHEE partners to generate and exchange ideas to build robust food systems and increase healthy eating opportunities across Victoria
  • Identify opportunities to positively change the food system, form partnerships and scale up the availability and promotion of healthier food and drink choices
  • To support and encourage settings to implement the Healthy Choices policy guidelines

Reviewed 08 October 2015


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