Department of Health

Infectious diseases: guidelines and advice

The department provides guidelines and advice to health professionals about infectious diseases, including:

  • Guidelines for management and control of infectious diseases.
  • Requirements and procedures for notifying infectious diseases and other conditions.
  • Surveillance reports and data for Victoria and various local areas (updated daily).

Infectious diseases in the world community

and other conditions of concern still occur frequently throughout the world. Constant vigilance is required to prevent the reappearance of diseases and conditions thought to have been conquered.

Changes in lifestyle have also led to the emergence of new threats to public health from infection. Health authorities depend on both medical practitioners and laboratories for information on the incidence of these conditions.

In Victoria, the department conducts daily surveillance on infectious diseases to pinpoint outbreaks and to prevent the spread of infection.

    Public health priorities in Victoria

    A number of priority projects are currently underway including:

    Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Learn how we can all respond to this immense public health challenge by visiting the Coronavirus page

    Antimicrobial resistance

    Victoria is responding to this global public health priority, visit the Anti-microbial resistance page.

    Congenital syphilis

    This preventable disease is putting unborn babies at risk.

    Beating Buruli

    How does Buruli ulcer spread and how can it be prevented? Find out more by visiting Beating Buruli in Victoria

    Disease information and management

    Victorian-specific information about the prevention and control of infectious diseases.

    A-Z of disease information and advice

    Disease notification

    Doctors and laboratories are required to notify the department of certain infectious disease and conditions.

    For information on notification procedures visit Notification procedures for infectious diseases.

    Notify a condition now


    Prevention and control guidelines have been developed for a range of infectious diseases and related issues.

    View all guidelinesExternal Link .

    Reviewed 05 September 2023


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