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Safewards Victoria aims to ensure that consumers make a significant contribution to all aspects of Safewards project planning, implementation, evaluation and quality improvement.

Two high priorities for consumers are recovery-oriented practice and trauma informed practice. Safewards Victoria provides the platform for improvements to occur.

Drivers for consumer engagement

Government values consumer engagement in all aspects of policy and service development and delivery (DHHS, Victoria’s 10 Year Mental Health Plan, 2015, p.19).

The Safewards Victoria pilot evaluation identified that having a consumer consultant or peer worker active with one or more interventions is a key implementation element for success (Hamilton, B. et al, 2016, Safewards Victorian Trial Final Evaluation Report, p.7).

Scope of Safewards consumer engagement

The Safewards project actively seeks opportunities to enhance consumer engagement in the Safewards implementation. This scope may include, but not be limited to:

  • advisory roles
  • training and workshop delivery
  • implementation planning and actions
  • participation in the Community of Practice
  • ongoing sustainability and quality improvement processes
  • evaluation.

Reviewed 16 May 2017


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