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Key messages

  • IVIg is a preparation of human immunoglobulin intended for intravenous (a slow infusion into a needle into the vein) use.
  • All conditions authorised in the criteria for immunoglobulin use in Australia are eligible for IVIg, although there are more stringent restrictions applied to the eligible criteria for the use of SCIg.

Intravenous immunoglobulin – changes to supply and governance is a Power Point presentation produced by Blood Matters in collaboration with the  Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Victorian Transfusion Nurses. The presentation covers the governance structure, the criteria, use of BloodSTAR and current supply arrangements and safe administration practice for IVIg. This is intended to be used as an educational tool within health services and can be edited to include information specific to individual organisations.

Blood Matters have also produced a procedural document IVIg clinical practice guideline template, which health services may use as a base for their in-house IVIg protocols. It includes information relevant to the safe administration of IVIg products currently supplied and istaken from the product information inserts.

Reviewed 20 February 2018


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