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Access to specialist clinics in Victoria

Key messages

  • The specialist clinics access policy aims to improve equity of access to specialist clinic services in Victoria.
  • It sets out timeframes for key processes performed by specialist clinics.
  • The access policy acknowledges the relationship between referrers and specialist clinics.
  • There are new Specialist Clinic Referral Guidelines for public health services

Better access to specialist clinics allows people to get timely intervention and advice.

The access policy aims to mitigate the impact of increasing demand for specialist clinics due to an ageing population and changing hospital practices.

Access policy for specialist clinics

The Specialist clinics in Victorian public hospitals: access policy outlines the Victorian Government’s expectations for service delivery.

These include indicative timeframes for the completion of key processes performed by specialist clinics.

Statewide Referral Guide

The statewide referral criteria for clinicians strengthens referrals to specialised services in public hospitals and improve access to non-admitted services

Specialist clinics service improvement guide

The Specialist clinics service improvement guide is a companion document to the access policy.

It contains information, templates, examples of good practice and resources to assist health services to undertake successful redesign work in the specialist clinics environment, as well as meet the requirements and principles of the access policy.

Redesigning processes

Specialist clinics can use the Guide for redesign measures for improvement for specialist clinics (available in the download section of this page) as part of quality improvement activities, and to implement the access policy.

The guide should be used in the context of a comprehensive redesign and change management framework, and in conjunction with advice from a health service’s redesign team.

This page will continue to be updated with information about the new specialist clinics access policy.

Please email the team if you would like more information.

Reviewed 29 December 2021


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