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There is a range of publications that provide information for health services about specialist clinics in Victoria.

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Non-admitted specialist services in Victorian public hospitals: Access policy

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New: The Victorian Endoscopy Categorisation Decision Support Tool

The Victorian Endoscopy (colonoscopy and gastroscopy) Categorisation Decision Support Tool has been developed jointly by the Melbourne University's Melbourne School of Population and Global Health and the Department of Health and Human Services. The Decision Support Tool provides automated clinical prioritisation (including if a procedure is recommended) when assessing a patient referred for an endoscopy procedure. The Decision Support Tool is based on the Victorian Endoscopy Categorisation Guidelines available for download below.

To use the tool, simply click hereExternal Link input your patient’s details and receive the categorisation result and rationale. Both colonoscopy and gastroscopy modes of operation are implemented within the one tool. The tool can also be accessed by cut and pasting the following link to your browser Link .

The Endoscopy Categorisation Decision Support Tool should be used in conjunction with clinical judgement.

Colonoscopy categorisation guidelines

Colonoscopy categorisation guidelines 2017

Explanatory notes for the Colonoscopy categorisation guidelines 2017

Colonoscopy referral information

Development process for the colonoscopy categorisation guidelines and referral information

Gastroscopy categorisation guidelines

The Gastroscopy categorisation guidelines for Victorian patients

The referral information form for referring clinicians for the Gastroscopy guidelines

Explanatory notes to assist clinicians for the Gastroscopy guidelines

Process document for developing the Gastroscopy guidelines

Specialist clinics in Victorian public hospitals: A resource kit for MBS-billed services February 2011

Information for patients

Consumer information about specialist clinics is also available on the Better Health ChannelExternal Link .

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