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  • Some non-admitted care services are in scope for Activity Based Funding, and others are block funded.

Please note: This website will be updated as Victoria transitions to the National Funding Model from 1 July 2021 as a basis to determine hospital funding for Victorian public health services. The information on this page is for historical reference only.

Non-admitted care includes services provided to patients who do not undergo a formal admission process and do not occupy a hospital bed.

Victorian public hospital specialist outpatient services and other non-admitted acute services continue to be block funded with adjustments for indexation and growth. Activity levels continue to be monitored to ensure maintenance of effort.


Victoria is required to classify non-admitted activity using the Tier 2 Non-Admitted Definitions. Tier 2 is a broad classification system that allocates activity into categories.

All acute funded non-admitted clinics or services are to be registered in the Non-Admitted Clinic Management System via the Agency Information Management System (AIMS). This allows all eligible non-admitted services to be linked to the most appropriate available Tier 2 class for classification purposes.

Registered clinics must have a unique clinic identifier (ID), which is used when health services submit activity and cost data to the department.


The unit of count adopted for all non-admitted services is ‘service event’. A service event is an interaction between one or more healthcare providers with one non-admitted patient. The service event must contain therapeutic or clinical content and result in a dated entry in the patient’s medical record.


Cost data is linked to a Tier 2 class via the clinic ID. When cost data is submitted, the clinic ID should match the clinic ID on the Non-Admitted Clinic Management System.

Cost data should take into account the cost of consumables, equipment, maintenance and overheads. It should not include the cost of consultations with a health professional.


Non-admitted acute services currently in scope for Activity Based Funding (ABF) are acute outpatients (specialist clinics), post natal domiciliary services, home dialysis, home-delivered Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) and/or Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), integrated hepatitis C services and genetic services.

Services that are not currently within scope include home and community care funded services, aged care assessment services, and services funded via the Community Health Program.

Reviewed 09 December 2021


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