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Strategic planning guidelines for Victorian health services

The Strategic planning guidelines for Victorian health services provide a summary overview of the theory and process involved in developing strategic plans, but also highlight key contextual elements that would need to be considered by Health Services when developing their upcoming strategic plans.

In particular, these include Victoria's health sector goals and strategic priorities as outlined in the recently released Health 2040 strategy and the heightened focus on preventing avoidable harm as recommended by the Targeting zero, the review of hospital safety and quality assurance in Victoria review.

Victoria's 10-year mental health plan provides a long-term vision to improve mental health services and outcomes for Victorians with a mental health illness.

Also important to note is the broader planning reform currently underway aimed at developing a State-wide design, service and infrastructure plan for Victoria’s health system and the stronger need for integration and collaboration in health service planning and delivery at a local, regional and system-wide level.

Further guidance on strategic goals and strategies will be provided during the individual Health Service strategic plan development and consultation process. Prioritising implementation will also be considered during the annual Statement of Priorities negotiation process.

Guidelines relate to strategic planning in health services


Planning guidelines
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15 Feb 2018
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Department of Health & Human Services
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Reviewed 16 February 2018

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