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Blood Matters has developed data collection templates to assist health services when collecting data on documentation and appropriateness of transfusion.

These templates allow data to be presented graphically to the health service’s Blood Management Committee (or equivalent).

Tool updates

The appropriateness templates was updated in December 2017 to version 6.0 to reflect the latest PBM guidelines. The tool is able to determine the appropriateness of red cell transfusions, platelets and FFP. In addition, the template considers single unit policy, haemovigilance reporting and pre-operative anaemia assessment. If gaps are flagged in any of these areas, a more targeted audit may be warranted.

The appropriateness algorithms were developed in consultation with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood haematology registrars:

  • red cell - Dr Ashvind Prabahran, July 2016
  • platelet - Dr Indu Raman, November 2016
  • FFP - Dr Julian Grabek, November 2017

All health services using the older templates are encouraged to update to this version.

The tools have been developed as excel templates. To download, click on OPEN file and then SAVE AS to an appropriate directory on your computer. Each template is a file type (with the extension .xlt) that creates a new workbook each time it is opened.

If opening the excel file in Excel© 2010, a compatibility warning pops up stating ‘significant loss of functionality’. This warning is incorrect; there is no loss of functionality.

Populated data collection tool examples

The pre-populated examples of these tools are included as examples to assist you in collecting your own data. If you need help to adjust the tool, contact the Blood Matters team.

Tools available to download

Reviewed 16 November 2023


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