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The information and resources contained here provide tools and information to help detect, treat and manage head lice. These resources are for professionals and parents in the following settings:

  • schools
  • childcare centres and kindergartens
  • parent-managed head lice program
  • local government
  • healthcare practitioners
  • hairdressers.

Parent-managed head lice program

The parent-managed head lice program involves parents and volunteers from the school or childcare centre.

The documents below can be modified for use at your school or childcare centre.

The parent-managed head lice program package contains the following documents.

  • Program implementation checklist
  • Invitation to parents
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Consent form
  • Screening guidelines (conditioner method)
  • Screening guidelines (dry checking)
  • Infection control guidelines
  • Parent notification form
  • Sample head lice school policy

Reviewed 03 May 2016


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