Department of Health

Mildura and Northern Mallee regional health service plan

The Mildura and Northern Mallee regional health service plan was developed to understand and inform the current and projected health needs across the Mildura and Northern Mallee region, and to provide information to guide and coordinate service delivery across the five health services of the region, as well as informing strategic directions for the new Mildura Base Public Hospital.

The plan outlines the current health service activities that address the region’s health needs, forecasts future activity in line with predicted population changes, and describes the mix and shape of future health services across the Mallee Local Area Health Partnership (LAHP).

In developing the plan, extensive consultation was undertaken with Mallee LAHP members, Sunraysia Community Health Services, and a broad range of other local service providers and organisations, community members, and the Mildura Community Consultative Committee.

The plan notes current strengths and existing gaps in health service capacity, and identifies opportunities for future growth and collaboration among services in the region to improve outcomes for residents of the region.

Reviewed 22 October 2021


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