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Recommended light ratings that simulate daylight conditions are 3000 to 3500 degrees Kelvin. Use a light meter to measure light in different areas in a facility. Measure light levels at eye level for accuracy.

Minimum recommendations are made for specific areas in facilities. Recommended minimum ambient light levels are:

  • 30 footcandles for activity areas, living rooms, entries and exits, bedrooms, bathrooms and occupational therapy areas
  • 50 footcandles for dining areas and kitchens.

Vary lighting levels depending on time of day. For example:

  • 100 footcandles for interior entry during the day and 10 footcandles at night
  • 30 footcandles for hallways during the day and 10 footcandles at night.

Qualifications and cautions:

  • Minimum recommended levels are just that, minimum. Facilities should think about having much higher levels.
  • Large variations in light levels within a room, that is 25 footcandles or more, indicate need for improvement.
  • No light reading in a room should be higher than three times the lowest number. Take the lowest reading and multiply by three.

Reviewed 19 February 2016


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