Department of Health

Windows bring natural light and the outside world inside.

  • Design windows to maximise natural light intensity at floor level while minimising shadows and glare.
  • Install a light shelf, a horizontal surface at 90 degrees to the window glass, to bring daylight in and reduce glare.
  • Include skylights and clerestories to reduce glare.
  • Use glazing options to moderate heat, noting that installation costs are offset by the benefits of reduced heating and cooling costs.
  • Use glazing options to moderate noise.
  • Think about height and depth of windowsills. Can people see out the window when sitting?
  • Design windows with wide sills for window seats and extra storage.
  • Put windows where they can provide views of trees, bird life, gardens and distant vistas.
  • Design for a lot of natural light in the main shared areas.

Reviewed 22 February 2016


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