Department of Health

To test lighting in a facility, ask some staff members to wear sunglasses inside the facility for several hours. Then ask them how well they identify faces, read signs and see across a room.

If staff feel the facility is not properly lit, use a light meter to get a more accurate measure of existing light levels.

For visibility and comfort:

  • Increase overall lighting without creating glare.
  • Increase specific task lighting for particular activities.
  • Create evenly lit spaces, retaining some shadows at room edges.
  • Mix light sources.
  • Cover light bulbs and use shades and sheer curtains in dining rooms, reading rooms and craft areas to avoid glare.
  • Provide spaces where people can adjust to changes in light levels from room to room.
  • Use low-glare floor coverings.
  • Use lighting to make signs highly visible.
  • Use lighting to make bedroom and bathroom entrances highly visible.
  • Arrange seating, dining tables and television screens to avoid glare from windows.
  • Use dimming control technology to adjust light as needed.
  • Develop a maintenance schedule to clean lamp tubes and bulbs and replace them when they begin to dim or flicker.

    Reviewed 19 February 2016


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