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Victorian Integrated Non-Admitted Health (VINAH) dataset

The Department of Health & Human Services maintains data around the provision of a range of non-admitted services in Victoria to provide equitable funding to public hospitals and support health services in their planning, policy formulation and epidemiological research.

The Victorian Integrated Non-Admitted Health (VINAH) dataset collection comprises data the Family Choice Program (FCP), Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN), Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP), Hospital Based Palliative Care Consultancy Team (HBPCCT), Medi-Hotel, Specialist Clinics (OP), Palliative Care (PC), Post Acute Care (PAC), Residential In-Reach (RIR), Subacute Ambulatory Care Services (SACS), Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), Transition Care Program (TCP), Victorian HIV Service (VHS) and the Victorian Respiratory Support Service (VRSS).

The VINAH data collection integrates patient-level data across many government-funded programs which in turn benefits health services, as they are now supported to collect one set of data elements rather than managing multiple collections across many program streams.

VINAH manual

2021-22 VINAH manual (all sections)

2020-21 VINAH manual (all sections)

Reference files

See Reference files for lists of valid codes relevant to VINAH, as well as criteria and process to reduce dual reporting (AIMS-VINAH).

VINAH late data exemption form

VINAH late data exemption form (via HealthCollect Portal)


Service event and NWAU derivations
Non-Admitted Patient Minimum Dataset implementation framework for specialist outpatient clinics

Non-Admitted Multidisciplinary Case Conferences - Reporting Guidelines 

Reporting of Post Natal Domiciliary Care Activity
Post Natal Domiciliary Care - Guidelines for reporting

Annual changes

Current financial year changes and proposals for changes to take affect from 1 July for the following financial year can be found at annual changes.


To view VINAH manuals from 2016-17 onwards, visit previous VINAH archives.

To view documents from 2009, visit VINAH archive.

Reviewed 15 November 2021


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For information and advice about standards, specifications and data quality processes for the VAED, VEMD, ESIS, AIMS, VINAH, F1 and VCDC. 

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