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The Department of Health uses the Agency Information Management System (AIMS) to collect summarised financial and aggregate activity data from Victorian hospitals and public sector aged care services. AIMS data is used to monitor programs, for funding purposes, in demand management and for acquittal purposes, and included in reporting to the Department of Treasury and Finance, the Commonwealth, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority.

The department collects information in discrete financial years. Each year the AIMS data collections are updated to ensure they support the department's national reporting obligations and reflect changes in hospital funding and service provision arrangements for the coming financial year. Modifications may be required to hospital funding and service activity returns, where changes to programs are being implemented or revised.

AIMS manual

The AIMS manual describes how to access the HealthCollect portal to submit AIMS data collections, form specific reporting requirements and data definitions, online data entry guidelines and how to access reports to monitor data submitted and ensure reporting is completed and timely.

Current manual

Previous manual

AIMS manual 2022-23

AIMS manual 2021-22

Please email the HDSS to access older manuals.

NACMS manual

A user guide for the Non-admitted Clinic Management System (NACMS) on the HealthCollect portal.

NACMS manual (updated in July 2023)

Annual changes

Current financial year changes and proposals for changes to take effect from 1 July for the following financial year can be found at Annual changes.

Reviewed 12 October 2023


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For information and advice about standards, specifications and data quality processes for the VAED, VEMD, ESIS, AIMS, VINAH and VCDC. 

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