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Key messages

  • The updated policy guidance will support health services and bush nursing centres to adopt or continue the RIPRN model.
  • RIPRNs are responsible for ensuring they are practising in line with new Secretary Approval.
  • The RIPRN model was formally evaluated in 2014.
  • There are available resources to assist eligible health services and bush nursing centres with the implementation of the RIPRN model.

Policy and guidance for the rural and isolated practice registered nurse (RIPRN) function

The Policy and guidance for the rural and isolated practice registered nurse function describes the new approach to supporting approved health services and clinicians to adopt the Rural and Isolated Practice Registered Nurse (RIPRN) function.

This document replaces the Nurse endorsement Policy Framework and Nurse Endorsed Toolkit 2012 documents and supports implementation that is collaborative, safe and compliant with the law.

It includes information on the RIPRN role and responsibilities; the new regulatory framework; what it means for competency; education, experience, and additional conditions; quality and safety; governance; supply and administration of medicines; medico-legal issues and resources for introducing the RIPRN model to an approved site. The eligible sites where RIPRNS can practice are also listed in the policy guidance.


An evaluation of the scheduled medicines and supply function of RIPRN nurses operating within rural health services in Victoria was conducted between July and December 2014 by Merrilyn Sneddon Project Services. Some of the key findings were:

  • increased skill and confidence of the endorsed nurses
  • Better work-life balance for participating general practitioners and improved collegial relationships between general practitioners and nurses working in urgent care centres
  • Broad acceptance of the model by the community.

See RIPRN evaluation report, for the complete evaluation findings.

RIPRN Resources

Here is an example of the RIPRN position description used by health services that have implemented the RIPRN role: RN position description.

Please note that you will need to amend the following forms/templates to RIPRN where RIPERN is stated.

The sample document templates required at health services with RIPRNS refer to:

Communication tools are also available:


If you are working in a Victorian public health service or bush nursing centre, you may be eligible for a scholarship to support you to do postgraduate study in areas of clinical practice that your employer nominates as important to their service.

For further information on postgraduate nursing scholarship, see Nursing in Victoria.

Other resources:

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Rural isolated practice registered nurse (RIPRN)

Rural isolated practice registered nurse (RIPRN)

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