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Key messages

  • The Victorian Government has produced a free guide for retailers on laws governing the sale and display of tobacco products.
  • The guide includes detailed information on the bans on displaying and advertising tobacco products and selling cigarettes to persons under 18.
  • A supplement guide has also been created on laws governing the sale of e-cigarette products.
  • These guides and a wide range of information and resources can be ordered via the Resources and factsheets page.

The Tobacco retailer guide contains information to help retailers comply with laws related to the sale of tobacco products. It is clearly structured in a question-and-answer format, and grouped into sections that cover the main areas of the Tobacco Act.

The printed guide can be ordered free of charge from the resources and factsheets page.

The e-cigarette supplement to the Tobacco retailer guide provides retailers with additional information about their responsibilities when selling e-cigarette products.


Policies and guidelines
Date published
07 Aug 2017

Reviewed 01 February 2024

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