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Koolin Balit conference grants FAQ

This list of frequently asked questions has been created to assist in the process of applying for a Koolin Balit conference grant.

  • Can the grants be used to attend an overseas conference?
  • My organisation has partnered with a university to undertake an evaluation of our DHHS funded Aboriginal initiative. Can I apply for the grant to co-present with the university?
  • Can the partnering University apply for a grant?  Can mainstrean organisations and non-Aboriginal staff receive grants?   
  •  My organisation has been accepted to present at a conference. Can more than one employee from the same organisation apply for the grants?
  • If I am successful in applying for a grant, how are the funds provided to me?
  • I have been accepted to present my Aboriginal health initiative at a conference however do not require the total available amount of funding. Can I apply for a grant less than $2,000?
  • Do I need to complete a report after attending the conference?
  • Can I apply for additional funding if the cost of attending the conference is greater than the $2,000 available?
  • When do applications close?
  • What happens if I receive a grant but cannot attend the conference?  


Date published
08 Dec 2016
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Reviewed 09 December 2016

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