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Evaluation Partnered Pharmacy Medication Charting Study - Alfred Health

A partnered medication review and charting model between a pharmacist and medical officer was developed and endorsed by the relevant hospital committees. The service commenced in the Emergency and Trauma Centre (ED), Emergency Short Stay Unit (ESSU) and the General Medicine Unit (GMU) at The Alfred Hospital in 2012.

The GMU receives approximately 4,500 admissions per annum, predominantly through the ED and mostly with complex co-morbidities and poly-pharmacy. The GMU is divided into 4 teams (A/B/C/D) and the ESSU is divided into two teams. Pharmacy services at our hospital are well established and include medication history taking on admission within 24 hours (including weekends), daily medication review, and regular attendance on interdisciplinary ward rounds.

This evaluation, of the partnered pharmacist charting model, was funded through the Department of Health & Human Services Workforce Innovation Grants Program.


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22 Mar 2017
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