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Victoria has a civil cross-border ministerial agreement with South Australia. The agreement is out of date because it refers to the repealed 1986 Victorian Mental Health Act.

Mental health services with cross-border questions should contact the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist at or on (03) 9096 7571 for specific advice about current cross-border arrangements.

Mental health arrangements with South Australia (SA) are governed by a civil ministerial agreement.

The agreement sets out the legal framework for the provision of mental health services between the two states.

There is no forensic agreement with South Australia.

Civil agreement

The out of date civil cross-border ministerial agreement covers:

  • mental health assessments over the Victoria-SA border
  • planned transfer of involuntary inpatients between Victoria and SA
  • provision of compulsory mental health treatment over the Victoria–SA border for people subject to community orders
  • apprehension and return of involuntary inpatients who are absent without leave in either SA or Victoria.

The civil cross-border ministerial agreement does not apply to forensic or security patients.

It refers to the provisions of the repealed Mental Health Act 1986 (Vic), however the Mental Health Act 2014 (Vic) deems the civil agreement to be made under the 2014 Act.

Reviewed 11 March 2020


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