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Non-emergency patient transport licensing

Key messages

  • Non-emergency patient transport (NEPT) services must apply for and secure a licence.
  • Licence holders can apply to vary the conditions of their licence.
  • A NEPT licence should be renewed three months before the current licence expires.

Non-emergency patient transport (NEPT) services must be issued with a licence before they can commence transporting patients.

Applying for a licence for a new NEPT service

Guidelines to apply for a NEPT service licence, as well as a schedule and checklist, are available for download. 

Varying an NEPT service licence

Licence holders may apply to vary an NEPT licence, or any condition of their licence. A checklist, guidelines and schedule are available to download.

Renewing an NEPT service licence

Make sure you apply for the renewal of your NEPT licence before the expiry date recorded on the current licence certificate. Your application for renewal of licence should be made three months before the expiry of your current registration. Applications made within the last three months of registration incur an additional fee.

A guide, schedule and checklist to help you to apply for renewal is available for download.

Responsibility for NEPT licensing

The NEPT, First Aid and Investigations Unit has responsibility for NEPT licensing within the Department of Health.


See NEPT forms for related checklists, guidelines, schedules and forms.

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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